Market Indonesia - EXPAND


Digital Population:

4th largest population of 260 million and more than 90 million internet users


Consumption Growth:

Rapidly growing middle class and increase of GDP of more than 5% each year

Investor Appetite:

2015 was a record year for investor capital flowing to Indonesia

Underserved Market:

Green field on tech-based industries due to entry barriers for foreign companies


Increase of GDP Growth of 5.2% to 5.4% in 2017

Positive investment indicators with stable Rupiah and decline in current account deficit

Manageable inflation at 4% is spurring steady domestic demand
High growth sectors including Transportation, Construction, Tourism, Retail, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Energy Extraction, and Supply Chain Management.



Kejora is company builder that invests in startups and entrepreneurs and enables them to grow in rapid pace through growth capital, shared infrastructure and resources, access to the right network of strategic partners and investors.

Y Digital is part of Ygroup Asia. They connect startups with corporates, VCs, investors, influencers and relevant government bodies and assist in market entry.


Schedule: Next Intake in July 2018
Participation Cost: USD 3,000 per company


  • Program of workshops and meeting activities
  • Mentor costs
  • Seats at co-working space and access to meeting rooms
  • City transportion



  • Flight tickets
  • Accommodations
  • Tickets to selected external events
  • Personal consumption

The EXPAND program for this market will be available  in Q3 2018. More information to be shared soon. Kindly register your interest here and we will notify you soonest possible


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*For Tech Company Only

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