Market Thailand - EXPAND


Social Users:

42 million mobile social users with 67% penetration


Mobile Market:

By 2018, Thailand will rank as the third-largest 4G market in Southeast Asia and Oceania

Vibrant Ecosystem:

Since 2012, Thailand’s startup scene has seen 2300% increase in fully funded startup

Rise in e-commerce:

USD2.9 billion worth of trade and growing at an average of 14.5% annually


Increase of GDP Growth of 3.3% to 3.9% for 2017; projected to grow between 3.6% to 4.6% in 2018
The increase in employment rate and household income as the employment condition in the last quarter of 2017 improved
Major economic sectors as key growth engines in 2017 are likely to expand further i.e tourism, transportation, communication and retail
Private consumption expenditure expanded 3.5 percent, in line with the improvement of the overall income condition, consistently low inflation and interest rates, and rising consumer confidence


Pioneer in the Thai ecosystem since 2012, HUBBA has supported and collaborated with global entrepreneurs, pioneers, thinkers, and over 300 local startups.

Hubba is a leader in tech events and programs that help startups and entrepreneurs accelerate with a network of over 300 top cofounders, investors, and mentors. They are committed to help get you on your feet fast, and succeed faster.


Schedule: Program starts in July 2018 (Trip to Bangkok 23 - 27 July 2018)
Participation Cost: USD 2,500 per startup (50% discount for the first 5 accepted startups)


  • Program of workshops and meeting activities
  • Mentor costs
  • Seats at co-working space and access to meeting rooms
  • City transportion



  • Flight tickets
  • Accommodations
  • Tickets to selected external events
  • Personal consumption

The EXPAND program for this market will be available in Q1 2019. More information to be shared soon. Kindly register your interest here and we will notify you soonest possible.


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